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Cow protection costed BJP second casualty in Meghalaya

Last Modified Tuesday, 6 June 2017 (13:34 IST)
Shillong: Second leader from Bachu Marak, district President of North Garo Hills in the state tendered his resignation opposing the move of the Centre on new cattle trade rules banning cattle slaughter. Mr Marak had talked about a "beer and beef party" on his Facebook page to mark three years of NDA government.

Mr Marak is the second BJP leader - after Bernard Marak - to quit the party over the central government's new cattle trade rules banning slaughter. "I quit and resign from the party for dishonouring my culture and traditional practices," Bachu Marak said in his resignation letter. He accused the BJP of not accepting Garo culture, traditions and food habits.

He added, "Imposition of BJP's non-on us is not acceptable." Four days ago, West Garo Hills district chief Bernard Marak exited the party over the cattle rules. He had also rattled his party by promising cheaper beef to people if they voted the BJP to power in polls next year. (UNI)
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