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Didi is hot on Hindutva!

West Bengal government to ban schools run by RSS

Last Modified Friday, 24 March 2017 (19:39 IST)
has decided to take a strong position regarding the schools run by and tough laws are being drafted.

Bengal Education Minister Partho Chatterjee categorically stated that schools that are run by the RSS will not be tolerated as these schools spread communalism and teach hatred. State government wants to keep education and religion saperate.
Partho Chatterjee said that these schools propagate Hindutva and if things don’t improve, licenses of these schools may be cancelled. This announcement has ruffled guite a few feathers as opposition party BJP has come out in support of RSS.
Things are heating up in the state on this issue. Bengal government wants to take action against schools which preach Hindutva, on the other hand RSS is raising question on the of state. Bengal head of RSS Jishnu basu said that about 10,000 unrecognized Madarsas are being run in Bengal. Islam is preached in these Madarsas. If Islam can be taught in Madarsas, then why can’t Hindutva be taught in these schools?
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