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Ganesha idol stolen from the hilltop by helicopter!

Last Modified Friday, 27 January 2017 (16:59 IST)
In a first, a magnificent idol has reportedly been stolen from the hilltop by helicopter! More detail may emerge soon regarding this outrageous scandal and police has started an investigation.

The stealing took place in the state of Chhattisgarh, in Dantewada district, some 85 km away from Jagdalpur. The magnificent Ganesha idol was situated on a 3000 feet high point of and was a major attraction for tourists and devotees alike. The hill is called Dholkal and the nearby town is Beladila. The 11th century Ganesha idol in Lalitasana was said to be erected here by the Chhindak Nagwanshi clan.

The Ganesha idol was on its place till the evening of Thursday. However, villagers from surrounding areas heard the noise of a helicopter same night. By morning, the idol was vanished. This gave way to the conspiracy theory that the Ganesha idol could well been captured by the smugglers! Some or Maoist conspiracy behind this is also being suggested. The outrageous turn of the events has scandalized many people from surrounding areas.
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