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In Bathroom wearing Raincoat!

Prime Minister's jibe at the for Prime Minister which caught everyone by surprise

Last Modified Wednesday, 8 February 2017 (18:31 IST)
On Wednesday, while speaking in the Upper House of Parliament, Prime Minister said something which caught everyone by surprise and prompted the oppositon leaders to walk out of the house.

Modi was addressing to the former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, who had famously attacked him in the same house during the debate on demonetisation. Dr. Singh had likened the demonetisation to no less than "organised loot and plunder", harsh words that are not generally associated with otherwise soft spoken Dr. Singh.

On Wednesday, Modi gave a payback to him by first suggesting that he wonders if that speech of his was written by someone else and then taking a jibe at him for presiding over all those scams of UPA government. He said that no other person in the history of independent India has had such a clout in the financial decision making process as Dr. Singh had and during his Primiership India suffered many scams and scandals but somehow he managed to keep his image clean.

Modi called it the art of being in a wearing raincoat. This surprising remark of Modi enraged oppositon leaders so much that they, including Dr. Singh, decided to walk out of the house. To which an equally animated Modi said that Congress now should develop a habit to taken to the cleaners and such walkouts and bycotts won't do it good anymore.
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