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OMG! China is afraid of India and Modi!

Last Updated: Saturday, 18 March 2017 (14:23 IST)
Is China afraid of Narendra Modi? If we read the things published in Chinese media after BJP's thumping victory in UP elections (which is very much Modi's personal triumph), then the answer to this question can be a somewhat, Yes!

China is apprehensive of India's growing strength an Asia and according to it Modi is the driving force of this new and fearless India.

Chinese Communist Party-run outlet Global Times wrote recently that "In the international arena, PM Modi changed India's previous attitude of trying never to offend anyone and started to take a clear stance in controversies among other nations to maximize its own interests. If Modi wins the next election, India's current firm and tough manner is bound to continue. It will likely mean more difficulties in making compromises in rows with other countries."

Since this is coming from the outlet of ruling party of China, we can sense the mood of Beijing. A meek and submissive India was good for Chinese aspirations, but a defiant and confident India under Modi is certainly not its preference.

Global Times further wrote "Take the border disputes between Beijing and New Delhi. No silver lining has yet emerged and Modi demonstrated his firm stance over the issue by celebrating Diwali, India's biggest holiday, with soldiers at the Sino-Indian border. He also upgraded defense collaboration with the US and Japan, articulated his support for the US rebalance to the Asia-Pacific strategy and Washington's stance on the South China Sea issue."

Well, if China thinks that India is going to play its younger brother in Asia, then it is absolutely wrong. In any case, this job is already taken by Pakistan. India is here to shine and its only nice the China has finally woke up to this reality!

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