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Mayawati called muslims "bearded dogs!"

Last Modified Thursday, 11 May 2017 (22:07 IST)
Yes, you heard it right. She apparently said it. If only we go by the account of Naseemuddin Siddiqui.
The enraged leader, who was kicked out of BSP by Mayawati, decided to wash the dirty linen in public with a barrage of allegations on Mayawati. He threatened that if he open his mouth, there will be a rampage in the Indian politics. He also suggested that Mayawat once likened Muslims, her trusted vote bank, to "bearded dogs!"
In a Press Conference organised in Lucknow, Siddiqui said is dictatorial and doesn't want to hear anything against her. He also released few tapes of Mayawati.
What Naseemuddin said :
1) The scheduled caste people have had enough of Mayawati
2) She doesn't even respect her Guru Kanshi Ram
3) terrorise her constantly and she is in his pocket
4) Mayawati didn't gave me a leave even on the funeral of my daughter
5) She asked me to bring 50 crore rupees by selling my properties
6) She plotted against me but could not find anything
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