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Modi to visit Israel to represent diamond industry of Surat

Last Modified Tuesday, 18 April 2017 (11:17 IST)
Surat: Prime Minister today said that he is going to in July on behalf of the diamond industry of the city and exhorted those in the trade to strive to become the numero in gems and sector. accounts for 80 per cent of polished diamonds exported from the country. " I am the first Prime Minister to go to Israel, and I'm going there on your behalf. You have trading relations with Israel," Mr Modi said after inaugurating a diamond polishing facility here. Earlier, he also inaugurated a hospital built by philanthropic diamond merchants of the city.

The Prime Minister said the country was a leader in diamond polishing industry and it had the potential to be the numero uno in gems and jewellery sector. “The in India has the knack to develop jewelry for every season and for every section of the society,” he said. “We should concentrate on crafting jewelry not only according to what the consumer wants but also to create material that attracts them to the new design,” the Prime Minister added.

He lauded the efforts of former Prime Minister Morarji Desai in strengthening the country’s economy and said he would have rejoiced had he seen the results today. “Years ago, this region gave us the late Prime Minister Morarji Desai who focused his energies in strengthening the Indian economy.

His soul must be celebrating today at the state of the economy,” Modi said. The Prime Minister also lauded Sardar Patel for having “re-drawn the map of the country after Independence to give us what it is today. If we live in India with pride and our head held high, it is because of him,” Modi said. (UNI)
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