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Vice president's wife Salma Ansari stands against Triple Talaq

Last Modified Monday, 10 April 2017 (12:34 IST)
New Delhi: Vice-President Mohammed Hamid Ansari's wife Salma Ansari, who faced ire of the 'Maulvis' encouraging the concept of triple 'talaq' for taking on them, said the holy doesn't have any concept of triple talaq. Talking to UNI, Ms Ansari said,'No such concept exists in Islam. As per Quran , after uttering the word 'talaq' once, a man has to wait for three months and it gets validity only if three witnesses are present.' She said the concept of tripple 'talaq' reached India through and Bangladesh.

There is no such rule in Saudi Arab, where marriage is like a contract. In Pakistan and Bangladesh, it is banned but unfortunately in India, orthodox 'Maulvis' have given it their own interpretation, giving it an anti-women bias. This reflects the picture of a male dominated society. Quran says tripple 'talaq' cannot be pronounced in the heat of the moment. In the recent times, seeking divorce by uttering the word 'talaq' thrice on social media and advertisement has come into vogue due to ignorance of women about the Quranic law, Ms Ansari said.
According to her, since Quran is being read in Arabic, common men end up imbibing what is told to them by orthodox Maulanas who mostly misinterpret it. If women also read Quran, they will realise that there is no concept of 'teen talaq'. Ms Ansari said, 'Go through Quran, 'Haadis' and get to know what Prophet has said.
In my view, women should go through Quran, and deliberate so that they understand what Prophet has said and what is Shariyat.' Asked about 'Halala nikah (re-marrying the same person after divorce), Ms Ansari said,' I am trying to convey that Halala is a means to make the divorce procedure difficult.' Ms Ansari, who has been instrumental in providing free and quality education to the underprivileged children and those rescued as child labourer, had to face three 'fatwas' for her upfront views on the vexed issue.
Fatwas were issued against her for coming out in support of taking a dip in Sangam, the confluence of holy rivers in Allahabad and recital of Om during Yoga for better health. There were several petitions in the court against 'teen talaq' and the Supreme Court recently referred the matter to a constitutional bench. The Centre had in an affidavit in the Apex Court had opposed tripple 'talaq'. (UNI)
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