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PM Modi slams opposition parties; urged to vote for BJP

Last Modified Monday, 6 March 2017 (11:28 IST)
: Prime Minister Narendra today slammed opposition parties for poor development of purvanchal region and said 15 years of Samajwadi Party (SP) and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) governments ruined the Uttar Pradesh. Addressing gathering here in Kashi Vidyapeeth ground after road show, Mr Modi praised historical, cultural importance of Varanasi in words of famous American writer Mark Twain “itihas se bhi purana hai, ye ek bejod shahar hai” (Varanasi is older than history, it is extraordinary city). Commenting on opposition parties, he said his party believes in ‘Sabka saath sabka vikas’ (Everyone’s contribution everyone’s progress) while SP, and Congress follows the ideology ‘Kuchh ka saath kuchh ka vikas’ (Some person’s contribution some person’s progress). “If purvanchal gets developed whole UP will be number one in development across the country” PM Modi asserted.

He said that without development of UP and eastern region of the country the country cannot develop. Talking about demonetisation, Mr Modi said that when he started with ‘Mere pyare bhaiyon behno’ (My beloved brothers and sisters) all those politicians who used to criticize each other commonly started speaking in same voice against demonetisation move. Slamming opposition parties who criticized ‘surgical strike’ of Indian Army, Mr Modi said that it was unfortunate that some politicians driven by hate politics questioned the brave act of Indian Army and asked evidence of the same. The Prime Minister said that his government delivered his promise on One Rank One Pension (OROP). He said governments should be decisive as our government made the arrangements of Rs 12000 crore for the OROP which solved the long pending issue.
Reiterating his motto “Kisan ke lliye sichayi, beccho ko padayi, yuva ko kamayi aur vradhh ko dawai” (Irrigation water for farmers, study for kids, jobs for youth and medicines for aged) Mr Modi said development is answer to every problem. He said that now public wants to get rid of ASP (Akhilesh Samajwadi Party), BSP and Congress and claimed that will form the government by securing majority seats. (UNI)
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