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Revealed! The second book of Amish's Ram Chandra Series will be on Sita!

Smriti Irani appreciated Amish’s efforts to portray women in his books as strong characters with substance

Last Updated: Thursday, 23 March 2017 (17:16 IST)
After the incredible popularity of the first book "Scion of Ishvaku", Amish’s Ram Chandra series has been much talked about in contemporary Indian literature. In a Facebook live interactive Session held recently Amish and Union Cabinet Minister of Textiles Smriti Irani revealed the title and details of the author’s highly awaited Book 2 in Ram Chandra Series, ‘Sita – Warrior of Mithila’.
As promised, in the FB live session, Amish explained to his audience why the Book 2 in the series ‘is a sequel but not exactly a sequel.’ Book 2 follows the journey of Lady Sita as the protagonist where Ram is a character in her story. He also shed light on how this is not Lady Sita’s perspective of the Ramayan, but the story of an orphan girl adopted by Mithila who goes on to be a powerful Warrior, a Prime Minister and then a Goddess.
While revealing details about ‘Sita – Warrior of Mithila’, Amish also spoke about how he has adapted the multi-linear narrative approach, which is quite unique. Throwing light on the new style, Amish said, “So, the narrative structure of the first three books in the Ram Chandra series, I am following something called as the multi linear narrative."

He further added, “The narrative structure of the first book, the was from the birth of lord Ram till the kidnapping of Lady Sita. The narrative structure of the second book is from the birth of lady Sita till her kidnapping and the third book is from the birth of Raavan till the kidnapping of Lady Sita. The first three independent books will merge at the kidnapping of Lady Sita and the fourth book will carry forward”
didn’t hesitate to appreciate Amish’s efforts to progressively portray women in his books as fierce, strong characters with substance. Commenting on the same, Smriti Irani also said, “Amish is right when he talks about woman being a warrior not requiring any physical connotation or only a physically aggressive connotation. Women, in countries across the world, fight many a battles emotionally and intellectually. So today’s woman is a warrior.”
The FB live session raised the excitement levels up another notch as Amish answered questions from his readers. Starting today, ‘Sita – Warrior of Mithila’ is available for pre-order on various e-commerce stores and will be expected to arrive in stores around May end/early June 2017.
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