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Subramanian Swamy is not going to make life easier for Arnab Goswami

The Swamy-Goswami rift refuses to calm down as BJP MP still not happy with the title of Arnab's channel

Last Modified Thursday, 4 May 2017 (17:51 IST)
has done it again and nation doesn't really need to know who is facing the music now. Everybody knows it. He goes by the name of one certain Arnab Goswami.
On Thursday, Swamy tweeted : "Looks like Arnab G is again cheating. His advertisements proclaim Republic is coming. That is illegal and he knows that too." This is not for the first time that he took on the media superstar, he has been targetting him for some time now.
And all this fuss is about the proposed title of his News TV channel : "Republic". This was the favorite title of Arnab for his channel. Subramanian Swamy had written to the Union Ministry for Information & Broadcasting that this title can't be used as it would be the violation of the Emblems Act, 1950. After that Arnab was forced to change the title to ‘Republic TV’. However, Swamy is still not happy as now he thinks that perhaps the "TV" in "Republic TV" is not highlighted enough. 
According to the application filed by Swamy, it was suggested that Goswami, as the managing director and Editor-in-Chief of ARG Outlier Media Pvt Ltd that will run the new channel, must call his channel as ‘Republic TV’ instead of ‘Republic’. Goswami didn’t respond to it, but apparently he was forced to change the name of his channel and Swamy was quick to take credit. In a very sarcastic tone, Swamy had said that “The nation wants to know if knows the law. I know the law, and because of that he has been forced to change the name of his channel. I am still studying it.”
Or maybe, Swamy knows the laws too well and it is now clear that he is not going to make life any easier for Arnab. Nobody knows why. What drives Swamy to take a shot af Arnab and precisely what he is upto. Nations certianly would want to know this.
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