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UP Khap Panchayat’s Diktat, Girls can’t use mobile phones outdoor

Last Modified Wednesday, 3 May 2017 (13:45 IST)
Mathura: In a bizarre ' tuglaqi' order, Panchayat of village here in the district of has decided to impose a ban on using outside their homes. The decision was taken by former village Pradhan yesterday who claimed that mobile phone use was encouraging elopement. "We are not stopping the girls from using mobile phones.

They can do so in their homes, but not outside," Gaffar said. He said that any girl found violating the will be fined Rs 2100. The Panchayat also imposed a hefty penalty of Rs 2.5-lakh on anyone found indulging in cow slaughter. Gaffar announced the decision adding that the supported Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in his campaign against cow slaughter. "We, too, respect the cow and will not allow its killing. Those who provide information about cow slaughter will get Rs 51,000," Gaffar said.
He claimed that Muslims respected the cow and that they have decided to hand over bovine killers to the police. "We will also socially boycott them. In case a person is not able to pay the fine, the money will be recovered from his property," he said. According to the new announcement, anyone found indulging in cow slaughter or cow theft would have to sell out Rs 2-lakh while those found selling liquor would have to cough up to Rs 1.11-lakh. (UNI)
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