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What! A temple for a Muslim woman!

You may have never heard about a Muslim Goddess, who has a statue. Forget Goddess, not even a or Prophet has any statue, since is not allowed in Islam. What if then if we tell you that not only one has a in India but her idol is also worshipped there! You won't be able to belive it, but it is true!
This temple is situalted in Uttar Pradesh, some 40 km from Allahabad. It is in a village called Jhulasan. This has to be noted that the space traveller Sunita Williams is also from this village and she also frequently visits it.
The village has only one temple and it is called Dola Mandir. In the temple, a Muslim woman is worshipped as a Goddess. She is called Dola Mata. Many Hindus regularly worship her.
The legend has it that around 250 years ago, in this village there used to be a Muslim woman called Dola, who had fought the attackers of the village. She even lost her life in that struggle.
It is said that after death Dola's corpse had turned into flowers. People took it for some Godly miracle and built a temple for her at the same place. 
The temple however has no such statue of Dola, but there is one stone structure, on which a Sari is wrapped. It is said that whosoever worship here, gets his or her wishes fulfilled.
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