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Yogi not shy of talking about Hindu Rashtra!

Last Updated: Thursday, 6 April 2017 (20:13 IST)
You were wrong if you had expected Yogi Adityanath to refrain from using words like "Hindu Rashtra" after his coronation as UP CM.
Talking to Doordarshan in his first TV interview after becoming CM, Yogi adityanath said without mincing his words that there is nothing wrong with the concept of Hindu Rashtra! Though he tried to camouflage it as a 1995 Supreme Court ruling where the Apex Court of India had said that Hindutva is in fact a way of life and not a religion!
People will remember that Prime Minister Narendra Modi also had said the same thing, when he was trying to win India in his bid to reach to the 7 RCR in 2014. Modi had categorically stated in a TV interview that since Court calls Hindutva as a way of life, why should there be any problem with the usage of the word.
When asked, why a Yogi should be in politics, the firebrand leader was quick to react that only Yogis can become leaders, not the Bhogis!
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