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5 Reasons why you should date an introvert guy

Author Koyal Tuteja Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 January 2018 (14:56 IST)
Why always a thug, super-cool, "swag wala banda" guy? Get out and approach a shy man and make it easier for him to connect with you. It’s totally worth! Once you get that connection you'll give a thousand reasons to date an introvert guy. 
But before that, here are the for "why you should date an introvert guy": 
1.  They are damn good listeners: 
Introverts don't speak a lot, but they are definitely good listeners. They are interested in understanding what you are trying to say and then giving a solution to it. An introvert doesn’t waste words, he says only what he means. We surely love When a man hears what you say. 

2.  They are loyal: 
Well, introverts are very choosy about who they hang out with. They are likely to invest their time in building a healthy relationship. Introverts generally care less about other people. They are not into impressing others or interacting with them, a thing which intrigues most of the girls. Because he spends more time thinking, he is likely spending more time thinking about you.

3.  They are calm as hell:
When you are in a with an introvert, you become easygoing as there is no drama. They have this thing of talking slowly and softly and at the same time making their point. Introverts generally know how to keep their cool. We never ever expect an impulsive reaction from the introverts. They know when to speak and what to speak.

4. They are Great observers:
An introvert will always pay attention to detail. If he doesn’t understand your words, he's much likely to understand your body language. They spend more time observing rather than interacting. A chatterbox lady can easily build a deep connection with an introvert guy. They are unaware of the fact that standing back and observing is one of the sexiest thing they have.

5.  They are not self-absorbed: 
When you are an introvert, you become a part of him. Introverts are obsessed more towards their loves ones. They actually enjoy deep, meaningful conversations. They are content with what they have and who they are. If you are in a problem, they'll support you till you are out of it. You can easily get emotionally attached with an introvert in the midst of a conversation.

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