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7 things only a sleep-ready person will understand

Yes, you are in a realtion-ship with your bed.

Author Koyal Tuteja Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 January 2018 (14:52 IST)
You hate alarms. Right? The most beautiful hours of your day are when you are sleeping. Be it relationships or work, you consider above everything. You enjoy every damn of it. Yes, you are in a realtion-ship with your bed.
1.  You believe Weekend is for :
If someone asks you what are your plans for the Weekend, you'll say "Saturday is for sleeping". Even your friends have stopped calling you on weekends because they know you are sleeping.
2.  You are a noon person:
You can only be a morning person, if morning happened around noon. When people tell you that they've slept like 4-5 hours, you go "Are you serious"? Because for you that is "not enough".

3.  Wherever you are, you are always thinking about sleeping:
Even if you are with your boyfriend, you are always thinking about going home. You miss your bed all the time. Your room is always set for your sleepy mode.
4. Beanbags, couches and recliners are your best friends:
After a whole lot of sleeping, when you need little naps, beanbags, recliners and couches are always there for you.  Every house you visit you search for beanbags so that you can enjoy your nap.
5.  Your bed is a heavenly place for you:
Your bed is the most comfortable place you have ever found. You are always in a "ready to sleep" mode and your bed is prepared for it. Your room is heaven for you because it has the softest mattress and 3-4 pillows.
6.  Less friends, More sleep:
From the time you have actually started loving sleeping, you have become less social. Your maths is good because you keep counting how much time you sleep. Your friends are always mad at you because you love bed more than them.
7.  Your motive is "Sleep and chuck all the problems":
People usually resolve problems by talking or discussing, but according to you every solution to the problem is sleeping. Stress, heartbreaks or disappointments- sleep makes you forget everything.
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