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7 Things single people are tired of Hearing

Author Koyal Tuteja Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 January 2018 (14:51 IST)
who are in a relationship actually worry about their friends. And when they show "interest" in your not-so-love life, they keep throwing the dumbest and the most predictable comments. Sometimes these comments/question makes you go..uuggghh..Well, there's nothing you can do. Let’s go through some of them:

1.  "You are very picky": 
Hell! Single people are not picky. When your friend keeps poking you about the guy they like and you don't, it’s because you actually don't like him/her, not because you are picky.

2.  "You should try online dating":
We've all tried Online dating. People who didn't like online dating does not need to be reminded what happened. But you can surely tell your friend to capture your candid and then upload it on social media! Better than online dating huh?
3.  "Are you dating someone secretly":
Noo... Why would someone want to date secretly? The Secret is not an option. Trust me, people who are not dating someone, will never ever date someone secretly.
4.  "You look good, Why are you still single":
Well, many of the good-looking actresses are still single, go ask them. The theory of good-looking people being single- not acceptable dude! 
PS: Yeah, we are a great catch!
5.  "Don't you feel isolated":
Yes, definitely, who doesn't? But we would prefer getting all fussy being alone rather than being in a relationship where the other person will keep asking "What happened baby?"
6.  "Do you still love your ex?":
Why? No.. I mean.. Why would someone ask that? Well, the only thing we still love is friends. Someone who has been there will only ask you this question. Ask your friend to buzz off whenever someone asks you this question.
7.  "You should let me set you up":
Hahah! That's a joke, right? Because we are waiting to get in a relationship where we get to choose the guy. Going out with one of your friend's-ex, not a good plan! 
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