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Hasin Jahan not ready to compromise with her husband Md Shami

Last Modified Sunday, 11 March 2018 (17:54 IST)
Kolkata: Hasin Jahan, wife of Mohammed Shami, today said things have gone so far that a compromise formula with her cricketer husband is absurd in the present context after she went public in social media about she was tortured and the police began an investigation on his alleged infidelity, adultery and domestic violence.

Mother of a two-year-old daughter Hasin Jahan, in her first formal media conference after she went into public domain about their marital discord, said for last four years she tried her best to convince Shami to confess his "misdeeds" ( about extra marital affairs) and offer apology so that their home was saved from breaking, especially when that have a daughter and her future. 

" But Shami remains un-repented and went on doing all sorts of nasty works with 
other women in many countries," said.A crying Hasin Jahan, who handed over some audio clips to Kolkata police about her conversation with Shami during cricketer overnight halt in Dubai, said that Shami would have filed divorce case by now if she did not get his cell phone, which recorded many conversations of the cricketer.

Shami in an interview yesterday told a media channel that he was in favour of sorting out the matter amicably to save his family and home. Reacting to this Hasin Jahan said Shami in contrast would have filed divorce suit against her from UP if she did not have his cell phone.

Hasin Jahan said right now she was not in a position to have any compromise formula with her cricketer husband otherwise the people would point out to her for being cheat and falsifying the whole chain of events" Whatever I'm doing now I am doing after trying to have an adjustment with my husband in last four years. Even my advocate Zaquir's assistant Dola Bhattachayra had tried to convince Shami but nothing came right for us. Now the position is police is investigating and I move according to my lawyer advice," Hasin Jahan, who was literally bombarded with questions from the journos, said.

Hasin Jahan address along with her advocate Zaquir at her flat premises in south Kolkata. Meanwhile, four members of Shami's family from UP arrived here and tried to call on Hasin Jahan Hasin Jahan's father Md Wasin said her daughter was feeling insecure and the police should strengthened the security arrangement because his daughter was fighting legal battle against a celebrity cricketer.(UNI)
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