Shanghai Shenhua goalkeeper Zeng Cheng donates 10K masks for hometown Wuhan

Last Modified Friday, 14 February 2020 (13:23 IST)
Shanghai:has donated 10,000 N95 masks and two respirators to his hometown Wuhan, the epicenter of the novel outbreak, the medical staff of Wuhan Hankou hospital confirmed on social media.
The Chinese international is now training with Shenhua in Dubai for the new season, which was postponed due to the epidemic. According to Shenhua, Zeng was deeply concerned by the situation in Wuhan and tried all possible means to buy masks overseas and sent them back to China.
"This is what I feel I am obliged to do for my hometown. I would like to pay respect to the medical staff working on the frontline. Hope my bit of effort can help those who are in need and hope we can end the epidemic soon. Wish the patients a quick recovery. Stay strong China, stay strong Wuhan," Zeng said.
With rising numbers of novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) cases in Wuhan and other cities in the hard-hit Hubei province, there has been a shortage of medical resources.
Before heading for Dubai, Shenhua club already held a donation and bought much-needed masks and protective clothing for the medical personnel to help curb the spread of the diseases. XINHUA