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Virat Kohli turns vegan, says it has improved his game

Last Updated: Sunday, 7 October 2018 (12:59 IST)
NEW DELHI: Team India’s captain has turned vegetarian, and says the change in lifestyle has improved his performance.
Kohli started his about four months ago, but had been considering the change for years beforehand.
Kohli’s healthy diet now includes protein shakes, vegetables and soya. Once an avid foodie who loved his biryani, Kohli has now even given up on eggs and dairy products.
According to Times of India, “Kohli started this diet four months back and is feeling stronger as his digestive power has increased. He isn’t missing meat, eggs or dairy.”

Kohli’s diet has had a calming influence on his personality and temperament - the results of which can be seen on the cricket field - both in his batting and leadership.
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