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Heartbroken after India's defeat : You will also weep with this kid (Video)

Last Updated: Tuesday, 20 June 2017 (13:40 IST)
New Delhi: It was a dawn to dusk moment for the after the men in blue’s meek surrender in front of their bitter rivals in green shirts in the final. Except Hardik Pandya, no Indian batsman looked like timing the ball well. However, the Indian allrounder ran out of luck by a bad call from followed by a terrible mix up. This incident made Ravindra Jadeja a villain among Indian fans in moments. (pic : Youtube)

The Same can be said for this kid watching the Indian batting line up falling apart like ninepins. When her mother asked the score, he replied “8 wickets down” fighting to keep his emotions in check but eventually breaking down in few moments. Besides, his younger brother consoled him and said that “Virat Kohli will beat Ravindra Jadeja black and blue”. See the video by yourself. (WD)