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A near forgotten erotic masterpiece from India

Hot and desirable Anu Agarwal steals the show in this short film from 1994

Author Sushobhit Saktawat
After seeing Mani Kaul’s directorial debut “Uski Roti”, one critic had taken a jibe on him saying, the director of this film should better try his luck in pornography. “Uski Roti” was notorious for its slow, meditative pace and the critic may have wanted to emphasize upon the need to hurry the pace a bit in Mani’s cinema.

Well, twenty years later, Mani was destined to make one such film, not pornographic precisely, but an “erotic” one nonetheless, one which can he held as a forgotten masterpiece of Indian cinema.

The film was “The Cloud Door” released in 1994.

It was a short film, part of a project, in fact. German producer Regina Ziegler had planned to work on a cluster of short films under the title of “Tales”. Many filmmakers participated in it. From India, submitted his film. And when the reviews came out, the critics unanimously hailed Mani’s film as one to cherish while other films were described as mere pale shadows compare to “The Cloud Door”.

has played lead role in the film and you can’t believe how sexy she has looked in this film. She was a cake of industry those days anyway, fresh after the success of musical blockbuster “Aashiqui”. Later, Anu suffered a dreadful car accident and went into coma, only to return stronger and emerge as a Yoga teacher. Recently, she has released her autobiography titled “Anusual”, where one chapter talks about her “erotic experiments”. It could be anyone’s guess that this film must have found a prominent place in the chapter.

“The Cloud Door” is inspired form classical Sanskrit literature of India. Influence of Bhasa’s Avimaraka is especially mentioned by Mani himself. Some of its scene had created an uproar in India then and even the Western audience was taken aback by the explicit and sheer audacity of the film, since it was coming from India and not many could see it coming from this part of the world.

However, in today’s world of easy accessibility to porn, nothing can really make viewers uncomfortable, but this film should be seen for its incredible scope for beauty anyway. More the reason why because it is a product of a director, who is otherwise very notorious for the obscurity of his films.
[ Image : A film still ]
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