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How feminism is a mindless copy from the West!

So-called reforms are imposition of Abrahamic outlook that essentially brings down relation between man and woman to level of a contract or transaction

Forced progressive reforms affect behavior, character and personality of individual members of society. These effects are often negative and deep. They defile perception, cognition, ideals, sense of aesthetics leading to a shift in core national civlizational values.
Use of legislative interventions for ‘egalitarian progressive’ reforms is common feature of countries with colonial history. A very perceptible hurry and palpable sense of condescension are evident in such endeavors. This is more visible in countries having dominant dharmic tradition, where connection of ethical values with religion and political structure are not that strong; such countries are more susceptible to extraneous influences.
If we take example of India, the progressive social and religious-social reforms through legislature that sought overnight change through affirmative action, we find that such efforts were often reactionary and guided by vested interested of colonial powers. It relied upon demonization of local culture and its structures and prejudiced interpretations of traditional values and legal code.
Such progressive narratives were violent and undemocratic towards the native culture. Often fake victimhood of concocted identities was put forward to shame the conservative dominant elements and colonial powers, religion, education and pop culture came up to us as liberating messiah. It used rhetoric as logic and presented alien imported values as new liberal majority view. This all happened without actual referendum on the issues. Weakened local cultural consciousness and cynical use of lingual-community divides became a formidable political stratagem with the political elite of independent India that had internalized all arguments of colonialists more deeply than colonial masters. Exaggerated accounts of Jati Pratha, child marriage, widow suffering and Sati Pratha were already popular in missionary literature and they later became standard text books for students. The political establishment of independent India vilified the tradition for all ills at the same time enjoyed all fruits of it and used it in most shameful manner to gain power. The history books written in independent era were neither independent nor impartial.
These books celebrated constitutional machinations, lingual jugglery and even rank lies employed for dodgy progressive reforms as a great feat of statesmanship. The more governments popularized such rights, measures and legal provisions through media and academia, the more dissonance it brings in among society people. It affected psychological, emotional, aesthetical experience and response of individuals. These schemes being non- local and artificial to the civilization ethos has adversely affected family and interpersonal relations.
We take some pro-women legislative reforms in India as a case study:
1) We know that in Indian context rape and sexual violence is popular non-dharmic (Islamist and Christanist) phenomenon. Impartial analysis of historical texts suggests that social status of women in classical Dharmic period was better than anywhere in the world. This was largely due to Varnasharma dharma. In contrast evidence of wide prevalence of (and at times even sanction of) sexual violence in prime texts like Bible and Koran are recorded in history. India amended CRPC under pretext that rape victims don't get justice and offenders bypass punishment due to social stigma attached with it. Now reformers with all laudable intentions brought an amendment that shifted burden of proof of innocence upon the accused only a complaint by women is sufficient to send man to jail for such offence.
2) Likewise to curb the menace of dowry killings, the burden of proof shifts upon accused husband upon death of a married woman within 7 years of marriage. The SC in a judgment has stated that “If a woman dies in unnatural circumstances at her matrimonial home within seven years of marriage, the husband is presumed to have killed her if he can’t rebut the charge successfully in court. This presumption gains strength if the woman has been harassed over dowry.”
3) Women rights advocates succeeded in garnering equal rights for women in her parental property, bring a monumental change in age old law of inheritance of Dharmic tradition.
Such so-called progressive reforms are imposition of that essentially brings down relation between man and woman to level of a contract or transaction. As usual it restricts a relation which is based on such wide basis environmental, psychological, biological, genetic, hormonal, ethical, emotional and holistically connected, to some very narrow level.
This is reason there are some genuine grounds for rebellions in form of and women liberation. These ideas were blindly copied in India. Academics found sloppy generalizations and commonalities and governments came up with vicarious measures to address such issues.
The sacred relationship of brother and sister is sacrificed at the altar of greed. It has opened a new avenue for litigation and family disharmony. The most dangerous of all is rampant propagation of a strand of feminism that seeks power not as women but as a competitor to man on man’s turf. Along with financial independence and materialism, idealization of ego gratification (as is visible in Alfa female completing Alfa males) by women has brought a sea change in text and texture of relationships. It denies the biological difference of sexes.

Such changes and conflicts are much more visible in dharmic societies. The cost of inculturation of these artificially induced progressive values is that males don't find attractive holistic females traits and attributes in prospective life partners. An ethical, aesthetical or psychological foundation for a normal relation is replaced more transactional and physical attributes like idealized beauty standards, intellectual, social and financial considerations. Even the sexual appeal has become more crass, physical and fluid. The subtle emotional, behavioral hints and values which are rooted in hormones- genes and whole personality have lost relevance.
There is a loss of common ground or values uniting people because such values reside in local tradition and civilization. This spiritual void in modern relations is numbing, leading to mechanization of relations and its components like sex, feelings etc.; The discontented psyche search bliss in drugs and promiscuity, but also in virtual world, games, entertainment and products and services.
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