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Ransomware! What to do and what not to do?

Things that everyone should know about the worst Cyber Attack ever!

Last Updated: Monday, 15 May 2017 (19:23 IST)
The has shaken the world to the core. In this first of its kind attack, thousands of people have lost their precious computer data and almost all the world is in its grip. This software doesn't release the data of the infected computer, until you don't pay ransom for it. One company in Himachal Pradesh had to pay 40 dollar only to get its data back! Hackers call it WaanaCry and it literally can make you want to cry!

Let us know, what to do to prevent this attack, because once it infects your system, well there is no other way out! Ransomware is a type of that restricts access to the infected system in some way till the victim pays a ransom. ‘WannaCry’ Ransomware is a Visual Basic Script (VBS) file packaged with some binaries which encrypts files on the system’s hard drive which can’t be easily decrypted. Ransomware may come to you as a spam or phishing mail on your personal or official e-mail id with malicious URL link or attached Microsoft Office document which contains a malicious macro.
In order to remain protected from Ransomware, you must follow basic steps:
DO ensure Antivirus is updated on your PC/laptop.
DO ensure your operating system patches are updated on your system.

DO ensure you have copy of backup of data files stored on your personal system and backup is stored on external media and not on the same computer.
DO NOT click on the URL links contained in unsolicited e-mail.

DO NOT click on links and open e-mail attachments without verification of legitimacy of source, even though it may appear to have sent from known source / e-mail id.
DO NOT open e-mail attachments having file extension as  .exe / pif / tmp / url / vb / vbe / scr / reg / cer / pst / cmd/ com / bat / dll / dat / hlp / hta / js.
DO NOT enable macros under any circumstance and immediately delete such suspicious emails, asking you to enable macros.
DO NOT download any unauthorized software
What to do if Ransomware locked your system :
Remove network cable immediately from your system and isolate the system, please do not switch off / power off your system
The typical way to protect yourself from ransomware:
Don’t clicking on a web link or downloading an attachment from email that is infected with the virus.
You should always double check the source and refrain from opening unknown attachments.
a web link from your skype account also or any source.
Stay cautious! Stay safe!
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