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What next now? Godse didn't kill Gandhi?

Its only "Pakistan" that the Ramjas College girl wants to be nice to, not to ABVP or BJP, by the way

Author Sushobhit Saktawat Last Updated: Monday, 27 February 2017 (18:50 IST)
A girl from has been making headlines of late, for all the wrong reasons. She is seen with a playcard, which reads : "didn't kill my father, war did." She happens to be daughther of a Kargil martyr and now all of a sudden, she started thinking that, hey presto, it was not Pakistan who killed my papa, but one certain phenomenon called "war". Whatever it means.
What next now, I wonder?
didn't kill Gandhi, bullet did.
Hitler didn't kill jews, gas did.
Hidus didn't kill Muslims in Gujarat, hatred did.
And so on.
Any chances of seeing the same girl with these playcards? Answer is a big "No", with a capital "N". As they say in English, "Not a cat-in-hell chance!"
So, what she is up to precisely? Easy question. She is doing what are good at. To let Pakistan, Terrorism, Islamic Fundamentalism go off the hook, somehow, anyhow.
She doesn't believe in her own words, by the way, she doesn't mean what she says. She only wants to let Pakistan, of all nations, to let go off the hook.
And then, this same girl stand up and say : "(BJP's student wing) is threatening me." Suddenly she has got a specific name for the malice : "ABVP". She doesn't want to be ambigious anymore. She doesn't want to say that "Political rivalry is threatening me", she wants to pronounce it loud and clear : "ABVP is threatening me".
Its only "Pakistan" that she wants to be nice to, not to others. Can you see the sheer liberal hypocrisy here? It is clear as broad daylight and malicious as a solar eclipse!
Down with, liberal hypocrisy! I thought we had enough of them, but they still find ways to come up with something new and more disgusting!
PS. : By the way, the girl was not absolutely wrong after all. She said, war killed her papa. Obviously. And what is war? Pakistan is war. Pakistan is war incarnate. Pakistan is conflict itself. She was actually trying to suggest that it is indeed Pakistan which killed her papa!
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