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What next now? Internet connection on Mars!

47 years of internet, that changed everything!

Ayushi Jain
Human beings have a natural inclination to communicate, connect and share their experiences with others. With the rise of the Internet, and social media, and other digital channels of communication, our mindset of relationship is transformed. It’s very rare to find someone who doesn’t use some or other technical device, smartphone or PC etc. The networking  system has become a part of life – surfing internet, sharing with social media, finding a host for a website are all the things we have taken for granted today. But none of them would be possible without the efforts of the inventors of what we designate as the “Web”.

In October 1969, four leading universities of US - UCLA, SRI, UCSB and university of Utah - launched a project known as advanced research project agency Network (ARPANET)  creating the first successful network of computers. Today, approximately 5 decades later, networking system has been evaluated to a level beyond the thoughts of people who actually created it.

While talking about the and networking system, it would be unfair not to appreciate the colossal contribution of Sir Tim Berners Lee, the inventor of World Wide Web (www). He is a scientist and academic whose innovative work and vision has transformed almost every aspect of our lives. He invented the Web in 1989, while working at CERN and he is actively working and dedicated to enhance and protect the web’s future.

However, the  internet often refers to the network, whereas the refers to the plethora of information available on this network.

In 1989-90, Sir Berners Lee built HTML, HTTP and URL. It is worthy to say that the internet has been defined and developed by many computer scientists, but Sir Lee designed the basic foundation.

We are living in an era, where everything is so easy for us to convey messages, spread information and communicate to masses. But does anyone know that the first message was sent on network consisted of just two words, and now there are 297 billion mails sent each day. On an average day, a data traffic of 3.49 billion GB hit the net! 40% percent of world’s population ie 3.56 billion people are today using internet and India is third largest internet user of the world. On Facebook alone, there are 1.86 billion users today!

A study says that with this great evolution of internet, it is a clear vision that a decade from now, every single person of the world shall be using internet. As if that was not enough, NASA is now planning for interplanetary internet connections and there can be internet access on Mars by 2030!
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