Devdutt Pattanaik

Is Shiva a drug consuming God?

Wednesday,March 1,2017

Celibacy is unnatural, even the myth of Shiva means it

Thursday,February 23,2017

Why Shiva wears an elephant’s skin

Thursday,February 23,2017

The secret of a naked girl

Wednesday,February 8,2017

Who is afraid of the Prostitutes?

Friday,January 13,2017

Vinayaki : The female Ganesha

Tuesday,November 22,2016

Why Lakshmi goes to wrong people?

Wednesday,October 26,2016

Lakshmi and Saraswati are not opposite

Wednesday,October 26,2016

Relation of rishis with science

Thursday,October 13,2016

Wealth is good

Wednesday,October 12,2016