Eid: The festival of rewards, sweetness and harmony

When one relishes after stringent fasting during the whole pious month of Ramzaan, it is a treat for the taste buds. blesses in form of Eid when they had religiously kept Roza. Eid is a sweet reward for an endeavor.

The Major festival of Islam, not only spread the message of love and harmony, but also binds society in Unity. Also Known as Meethi Eid, this festival also reflects the brotherhood inherent in Indian culture. Followers of all religions hug each other on this day and eat Sevai Kheer to remove bitterness.

Eid al Fitr is a pious gift from the Almighty to Muslims in lieu of observing for a month. Terming Eid as a thread of equality and Harmony, the Almighty has said that Eid is nothing but a mirror of our traditions. The importance of Eid can be gauged by the gratitude of a Rozedar towards Almighty.

Even in this high-tec
h age of apps and softwares, the old age ritual of checking out Moon to celebrate Eid is intact. Comprehensively and Eid imbibe a feeling of social responsibilities too in the followers of Islam.

Every competent Muslim is advised to donate the monetary value of 2.5 percent of the total assets he possesses to underprivileged. This noble cause not only reminds the person about his social responsibility, but also enables the poor to celebrate Eid al fitr with fervor too.

Be it a Financial gain or social, Eid proves fruitful for nearly every section of the society. In our country rich with Ganga-Jamuni culture, Eid too is celebrated with much warmth and vigor. The people of other religions too visit Muslim friends on this day and enjoy mouthwatering snacks. The festival of Eid pulls us back to our roots and proves that “mankind” is the only supreme religion.
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