Yoga to be taught in South Korea as it enters into MoU with NCERT

Last Modified Wednesday, 13 September 2017 (13:36 IST)
New Delhi: Yoga, which is beneficial for mind, body and soul, will soon be taught in as has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the far east country recently. The with South Korea includes vocational education, Information Technology, special education and Yoga, health and physical education. The country can provide good information in online education.

It is proficient in Information Technology. India can reap benefits in this regard. The MoU, which was signed with the Academy of Korean Studies, was entered into in the presence of 20 representatives from both sides, NCERT Director Hrushikesh Senapaty told UNI in an interview. The meeting between the two nations took place between September 6 to 8. 'Our team went to Korea before the MoU was signed. Representatives from Korea also visited here." When asked about if any exchange programme will take place, Mr Senapaty said, 'We are identifying the areas and soon start faculty exchange, where experts in this field will be visiting Korea in future.
Earlier, international collaboration used to take place with other countries, but nothing like a faculty exchange programme took place. 'Another MoU that is in pipeline is with Australia in teacher education and we are planning one more with Mauritius,' he said. 'Australia is good geographically, so we are looking forward to signing the same,' he said. Talking on the NCERT books, taking a cue from international text books, he said books from other countries are looked into and illustrations are taken in many of NCERT Social Science books. (UNI)
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