How is your day: 6th July

Last Modified Friday, 6 July 2018 (10:53 IST)
Aries :
A light schedule at work emerges as you are more keen and enthusiastic about completing a prestigious current project well and tying loose ends when it comes to pending paperwork and correspondence. 
Taurus : Some of you get geared for a weekend picnic to an exotic holiday resort with their family in tow. Enjoy!
Gemini : Love life bounces back to normal but expecting too much of a confused mate will mar harmony. Infuse space and play it by the ear. Try not to let your insecurities get the better of you. 

Cancer : Happy are your state of mind and a sense of light heartedness as you master your talent and put it to practice deriving good results and encouraging money inflow. 
Leo Controlling and judgmental you are likely to fall into trouble with people in authority at work. Demanding respect may not happen; earning it would mean an attitude change and some compromising to start with.  
Virgo High-level meetings and negotiations are incomplete without professional help you need. Feel free to ask, as results will determine your growth. A pleasant surprise keeps you smiling. 
Libra Challenges will strengthen you in every way. However expecting too much out of yourself is unrealistic. Many new offers come to you, choose and pick wisely. Close pals and a fun outing indicated this evening.
Scorpio : Charity begins at home, what you are with loved ones will reflect when you deal with other sat work. Health needs attention. Give him/ her, your quality time and attention. 
Sagittarius : Love life and the lack of personal progress and satisfaction bothers you giving you an all time low today, difficult to focus at work, you may need to push yourself harder as deadlines and expectations are high.
Capricorn : You are impatient as you are still waiting for important paperwork/loans to be sanctioned to be able to move on with bigger plans and dream goals in your chosen field, sudden travel is likely this evening.
Aquarius : Work wise, things get sorted slowly and steadily today. However certain challenges are inevitable. Be varying of strangers and follow your instinct. 
Pisces : Artistically inclined people travel for business interests. Finances may be low at this moment but it is a temporary phase, those going through a turbulent emotional patch seek professional advice. 

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