How is your day : 9th January

Last Modified Thursday, 9 January 2020 (11:17 IST)
Aries: A monetary benefit despite a lot of sorrows is listed for you.
Worries, disease,  verbal woes hound you the entire day. The enemies will be on silent mode.
Taurus: The income and expenditure are set on the equilibrium point. Worries, disease continues to trouble you. A meeting with a friend makes your day.
Gemini: A Monetary benefit is on the cards accompanied by a lot of worries. Many troubles will come from feminines. Some good news will cheer you up later in the day.

Cancer: A mixed day for you, as profit and happiness will come battling physical injury and opposition. An altercation is on the cards.
Leo:  An eye defect will trouble you the whole day. Expenditure on child and bashing from a person is on the cards. However the monetary benefit is on the cards.

Virgo: Not a good day as every negative aspect is on the rise.  Loss, expenditure , disease,  fear will trouble you whole day.

Libra: Fear, worries, loss grips you the whole day still you manage to turn the situation in your favor by wisdom.  A sad news is on the cards. 

 Scorpio: Altercation may play a spoilsport. Amid fear and loss you manage to earn some profit.

Sagittarius: A happy day for you as the journey is on the cards and support from feminine.  Not only monetary benefit increases, but also prestige among the relatives.
Capricorn: One needs to be extra cautious as nothing is going your way today.  Bad health, financial loss, worries, strength of enemies increases.

Aquarius:  A day on which good news of victory, happiness and benefit is heard. Altercation and bad company can land you in trouble.

Pisces:- A day when opposition is strong and you face lot of worries, loss, foe and fear but still get some benefit later in the day
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