BJP flays CM Soren for the arrest of "Hindu Fruit Shop" owner

Last Modified Tuesday, 28 April 2020 (19:20 IST)
Ranchi: State president Deepak Prakash and Leader of legislature wing Babulal Marandi have jointly written a letter to Governor Draupadi Murmu urging her to direct the government to stop its policy of appeasement.
The leaders said, people of are following the directions of lockdown, the call given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi but in the crisis caused by coronavirus the unconstitutional and appeasement oriented decisions of the Hemant government has not only weakened the war against coronavirus but has also impacted the poor and the workers.
The leaders pointed that on a fruit seller under area of Jamshedpur following a high level order, the local police registered the case as he had put a banner outside his shop of being a Hindu fruit shop. After the act of the police was opposed the case was withdrawn but now the man was receiving threatening phone calls and messages even from abroad and such appeasement oriented orders have impacted the unity in the state.
They also pointed that while on one hand the fruit seller was requesting the police to protect on the other hand petty politicians linked with the parties in power are roaming freely with bodyguards and demanded that instructions should be given to the state government to come out with the list of people who have been provided guards.
The BJP leaders claimed that whether it was the decision of arresting the foreigners who were caught from religious spot of minorities or keeping them in quarantine, violation of lockdown in Hindpiri, burial of dead, action against crime committed with Corona warriors, in all such areas the acts of the government ia full of partiality and is based on appeasement.

Moreover, the duo claimed that prompt action has been taken against those who have tried to point out flaws in the working of Hemant government on social media, however on that also the government has made differences of majority and minority following which even a serious battle against coronavirus has been given a communal angle.
The party has demanded that apart from asking the government to stop with appeasement oriented decisions directions should be also given to register firs against those police officers who had unnecessarily registered fir against fruit seller.(UNI)