Actor Ranveer Singh joins the celebration of World Nutella Day

Last Modified Friday, 5 February 2021 (11:38 IST)
Mumbai:Since 2007, has been about worldwide Nutella fans and their love of the world's favourite hazelnut spread #WorldNutellaDay.
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Nutella fan and actor Ranveer Singh joins the celebrations,On Friday February 5th Nutella lovers and fans unite all over the world to celebrate World Nutella Day, coming together on social media, to share recipes, stories and to savour the taste of the world's favourite hazelnut spread.
Spontaneously created in 2007 by American blogger Sara Rosso, who decided to create a celebratory day to inspire and unite the global Nutella community to share their passion for Nutella® on social media, World Nutella Day quickly became a global phenomenon, as fans everywhere shared their love for Nutella.
This year, the World Nutella Day celebrations began with Ranveer Singh, whose Nutella love is no secret to anyone, joins the celebration of World Nutella Day with fans with his personalized jar.
The brand is giving a chance to all the Nutella fans to get their personalized jars through an exciting digital contest. All you need to do is follow these simple steps to participate.
Step 1: Visit to create your personalized jar
Step 2: Create your profile and confirm your email address
Step 3: Login to upload your photo with best smile and crop
Step 4: Pick your favourite filter, enter your name* (2-8 characters), and personalize your jar, your way
Step 5: Once you confirm, you will receive your personalized e-jar on your email within 24hrs after the moderation
Step 6: Follow @NutellaIndia
Step 7: Upload your personalised jar image on your Instagram/Facebook feed and fill up the hashtag #ILoveNutellaBecause. Don't forget to tag @NutellaIndia and #WorldNutellaDay
The most exciting stories will be rewarded with their own personalized jars home delivered and 12 fans will get a chance to win a special hamper from Nutella. This year Nutella® fans can once again share their love for Nutella® on their social media page (Facebook, Instagram) using the hashtag #WorldNutellaDay.(UNI)
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