Ex BJP CM's autobiography may cater unbiased criticism of saffron party

Last Modified Friday, 26 February 2021 (22:44 IST)
Shimla:Showing deep remorse on the present day politics Former Chief Minister
and Union Minister and stalwart exposed the ruling BJP for being allegedly
involved in of leaders and accused it of compromising on moral principles
in the public life.
He also showed deep pain over its silence on the black money as well.The autobiographic book published in Hindi 'Nijpath ka Awichal Panchy' (Unswayed Bird of Own Path) released at Delhi yesterday by former Union Minister expressed deep regret how the party is running the country and its 'deviation' from its high moral principals to gain power. Exposing those in public life and not sparing his own party Mr Shanta Kumar said that to join politics leaders submit incorrect report of spending of money in the poll before the election commission.
''According to Global index report every night around 19 Crore people sleep hungry without ' taking food in the country. Increasing number of billionaires are emerging in India, as the country comes up as world's fastest growing economy, yet on the other hand India houses highest number of those who go hungry."
Terming it as the impact of power politics Mr Shanta Kumar said that Transparency International report placed India among the most corrupt nations. Former Union leaders who had quit the politics in 2019 Lok Sabha election said."BJP which emerged successful as party with difference after making separate identify on this last curve of life I am writing with sorrow that slowly BJP is compromising in the power politics and being affected by the pollution of politics" he said.
Terming the BJP the last ray of hope in construction of nation he said that the BJP has lost its way. Horse trading of leaders is being done he said. He said that Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of first every majority government of BJP in 2014 it was expected that India would do all round unprecedented development and the image of country is become more bright and new works is being done.

The scrapping of Section 370 in Jammu and Kashmir was considered impossible few years ago and at the age of 67 Shyama Prassad Mukherjee went in the jail for eight months and sacrificed his life in the jail.67 yrs after the political acumen of Mr Modi made the scrapping of the article possible. Which would be golden page of history in the future.
He said that as there is no alternate of Modi and BJP in the entire country it was a golden opportunity to make the value based national polity.Such oppertunity never comes time and again. Mr NaMo should try to wash this stigma by appealing the people and not allowing the corrupts to enter in public life by making such laws.(UNI)
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