Myanmar Nun kneels down before police to end violence (Video)

Last Modified Wednesday, 10 March 2021 (17:20 IST)
Amid the grim situation of Myanmar, an emotional video has been surfaced on social media. A was seen requesting the security forces and the police to end violence and refrain from shooting. However, all her efforts went in vain. (PIC-UNI)
The video showed a nun donned in black and white clothing named Sister Ann Rose Nu Tawng kneel down before the cops in Myitkyina town. She was pleading before two police personnel who were also in the same position.
In an interview given to an international news agency, she said that " I begged before them to treat the protestor as their family member and requested them to stop this onslaught. She added, " I allowed them to kill myself, but refused to stand up without their promise of non-violence.
The Nun who runs a clinic got the assurance from senior officials that cops were only clearing off the road. However a few minutes later the cops resorted to gunfire. 

Protesters cornered in Yangon
With the police clampdown continuing, authorities arrested about 50 protesters who had violated a recently implemented night-time curfew. More than 1,700 people have been detained in Myanmar since the military coup on February 1, including elected leader Suu Kyi and dozens of members of her NLD, an advocacy group reports.
The people arrested had been cornered by security forces in Yangon. On Monday, crowds had flocked to the central township in the city to call for Suu Kyi's release in a protest coinciding with International Women's Day. By nightfall, security forces had sealed off a block of streets with about 200 protesters still inside, although most of them managed to escape.
People barricaded in the Yangon neighborhood of San Chaung overnight said security forces had searched their homes room by room for protesters, targeting homes flying the NLD flag. 
Myanmar police target striking railroad workers in raids
Security forces are trying to stifle an ongoing civil disobedience movement aimed at the "full shutdown" of Myanmar's economy following the military takeover of the government.
Hundreds of police and soldiers raided a neighborhood in Yangon that is home to striking state railroad workers Wednesday morning.
It came as thousands of government workers carry on with a civil disobedience movement protesting Myanmar's military coup.
For weeks since the February 1 coup, workers at Myanmar's hospitals, banks transport centers and government ministries have aimed to disrupt Myanmar's economy and paralyze state institutions.