How is your day: 4th May

Last Modified Tuesday, 4 May 2021 (10:33 IST)
Aries: Guard against emotional outbursts and stay cool both at work and in your personal life where untoward incidents can throw you for a while, for those in business partnerships, loads of opportunities.

The pace at work is hectic and you enthusiastic as ever longing to showcase your abilities and get it right, avoid impulsive decisions and be discreet about plans till they materialize, love life for the single brightens up.

Gemini: Careful coordination coupled with team work if handling a prestigious project will make for success, forge ahead with determination.

Cancer: An easy going schedule today allows for work cum pleasure as things fall in place without much trouble or strategy, those creatively inclined receive new orders and celebrate success with their playful indulgent mate.

Leo: Life is wonderful and you feel on top of the world about your personal life and the domestic bliss you have been working towards get all right.

Virgo: Business people plan to take a calculated risk after much thought today, which will prove beneficial, travel for some could be postponed due to unavoidable circumstances.

Libra: Big life decisions are on the cards today, approach them with patience and precision, those who desire to go overseas for work will be busy with loans and last minute formalities.

Scorpio: The going gets tough and the tough get going more than ever fighting against all odds then give shape to their dreams and goals, health needs constant care and a second medical advice in certain cases is advised.

Sagittarius: Work and travel are your focus and you are ready to dive in and try your luck enjoying both, some of you receive much awaited news of a happy kind from family overseas and feel positive all round.

Capricorn: The day is full with meeting important people/entertaining clients and push business motives and interests today. Expenditures for some are high, as funds are required to push your ideas.

Aquarius:  Easy going and full of faith in yourself, you make moves towards growth that may take time to show up in business. But nevertheless your focus is on a bright and steady future that you realize is around the corner.

Pices: It is a pity that you are rigid and stubborn in every area of your life. It will prove to be a stumbling block in all you have ever desired. Maybe just to be understood, maintain harmony and peace for starters.
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