Relation between I and bacteria residing on my body

Marut Mitra
The term use for our relations with is ‘Amphibiosis’. A relationship that under certain circumstances can be helpful and other circumstances can be harmful, with the helpful and harmful aspects referring to either host or symbiont.

The term we use for this is “Relation”. In dharmic relation, each participant is following own dharma. Own duty is towards the integrity of the cellular complex called ‘Body’. Sometimes, forget their duty. When cells forget duty, it is important for rest of the dharmic cells to purge them.

Sometimes, bacteria(s) do not do their duty so immune system flush them from body. Sometimes, by accident or bad habits of ours, non-compatible life forms enter into body. For example, worms. Most of the times, such non-compatible disturbances happen when our ego “I” forgets to perform duties. For example, eat food anytime of the day.

Now this disturbs the digestion cycle. So cells are over-stressed. Some of them die prematurely. To purge them, bacteria play role. And we call it bacterial infection. Except us, with free will, everyone else in the nature has instinct driven will or in other words, mother nature drives them. So they always remain Dharmic. It is our Ego who has to remain Dharmic to maintain the optimum body state. We can do it by following local culture since it is evolved life routine to maintain symbiotic relation with others in the same environment.

Now what is and dharmic?Dharma has the root dhri, which means “that which upholds” or “that without which nothing can stand” or “that which maintains the stability and harmony of the universe.” Dharma encompasses the natural, innate behavior of things, duty, law, ethics, virtue, etc. Every entity in the cosmos has its particular “dharma” — from the electron, which has the dharma to move in a certain manner, to the clouds, galaxies, plants, insects, and of course, man.

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