How is your day: 07th January

Last Modified Tuesday, 7 January 2020 (10:40 IST)
Aries: The opportunities of benefit will slip away from your hand.
The foes will remain silent, stay away from the altercation.
Taurus: The day becomes more prosperous for you. Being polite will be more beneficial for you.
Gemini:  Prosperity knocks your door. There is a possibility of an accident. Health of a family member will be a concern. Patience is the key.

Cancer: The money flows in your bank account. Enemies are plotting a web against you. 

Leo:  Not a good day for you as the opportunities to reap benefit slips out of your hand.  The diseases  will trouble you and you are involved in a verbal voes.

Virgo:  The old scars are set to trouble you. It is advised to stick to the procedure to reap benefits.

Libra: You will register a victory over your enemies today. A rise in prestige and wealth is also on the cards.
Scorpio: The patience of the past will deliver results today.  Overall the day will be favorable for you. Being Polite will help you.
Sagittarius:  The internal disputes will make you sad the whole day.  The planned journey will be delayed , patience will help you.
Capricorn:  The day will do more bad to you than good.  The health is going to good. The lady love will be lucky today.
Aquarius:  A meeting with an old friend will make your day.  Not only monetary benefit you attain peace inside and outside the house.
Pisces:- This is a turn around day for you. Happiness pours in as sadness vanishes. Deficit destroys as you earn surplus money. The health goes well.
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