How is your day: 10th April

Last Modified Saturday, 10 April 2021 (10:17 IST)
Aries: Adjustments will be needed from your side to improve relationships both at work and home today. Claim responsibility and work towards your goals.

Taurus: New work proposals offered to you today will be good, don't give too much importance to the financial aspect, instead give all you receive your best shot, money will increase. 

Gemini: If in your own independent business, you plan to interact and push urgent matters. You clients and customers are all praises for you. Short work-related journeys will prove tiring if you are experiencing a health problem.

Cancer: Overseas travel for those in show business is likely bringing much of the limelight and recognition desired. But be honest in your dealings and intentions or goodwill in the future may suffer.  

Leo: Those of you interested in selling property may get one good offer not as lucrative as you desire but nevertheless promising good money. 

Virgo: Domestic trouble and unnecessary arguments can lead to disharmony at home and you may consider spending time doing your favorite thing rather than staying indoors. 

Libra: You expect to be given importance and pampered by all those who dare to misunderstand you both at home and work. 

Scorpio: Your inner harmony and balance has a lot to do with the approval you receive from others. Feeling restricted may compel you to check out other options at work. 

Sagittarius: You are in the mood to take it easy and feel no motivation to complete pending assignments, however payments, bills debts should be cleared or you will mess with your money channels which are well tuned in.

Capricorn: A business shelved may be reconsidered by you, but this time make sure you are mentally turned in with your partners or associates to avoid past mistakes. 

Aquarius:  Those of you working out of your own homes will have a busy day and may need to cancel a prior appointment made. 

Pices: A quick rich scheme offered to you, may be lucrative, but be wise and do not over invest. Pending payments towards you are made this evening giving you spending power treat to your family to an extravaganza and win hearts.
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