How is your day: 10th March

Last Modified Tuesday, 10 March 2020 (09:55 IST)
Aries: It is a new day and its time to find a new and happy way to resolve a painful situation you may have created at work or in your personal life. If tackled and dealt with love it may just be very rewarding.

Taurus:  Job hunting may feel like a chore for some impatient ones but if viewed in the bigger picture, it is quite a learning experience. It widens your horizons and makes you a fighter. Enjoy the adventure this evening.

Gemini:  Ambitious and yet subtle in your moves may not be working for you and the big dreams you have for your career. Love life is smooth this evening.

Cancer: A new small business you have been thinking of putting your efforts and money in begins to take shape. You feel more confident to move towards new horizons today. Success is assured. 

Leo: Those in media/ entertainment field get prepared for an important event this evening, fame and being in the limelight very much a part of it all. Make the most of it.

Virgo: Domestic strife and arguments at home bother you no end and you seek refuge in work. That helps and keeps your mind at ease. Money owed to some of you comes in slowly and you start paying your debts. 

Libra: Delays are possible and you will need to control your impatience. Have more faith in yourself and let good things manifest. If single, you are your flirtatious best at a social gathering this evening.

Scorpio: Work tends to slow down and part of the reason could be because you are in holiday mood. However you cannot afford to lose out on business and prospective clients in your chosen field. Get your act together. 

Sagittarius: Work is tough but an easy-going attitude makes life easy today, even though you may face indifference and animosity from colleagues. 

Capricorn: You will have an early start, as you decide it makes for more quality time for each and every project you are working on. Teamwork and delegating responsibility is necessary.

Aquarius: Enchanting and exciting new proposals at work promise growth. You are waiting for a breakthrough and yet skeptical. Soul searching and trusting your talents will reflect on your choices.

Pices: Changes are happy. Be open to all the miracles of life as you make a strong intention to move forward towards all things bright and brilliant in every area. A sibling is of great support and helps you focus.
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