How is your day: 10th November

Last Modified Thursday, 9 November 2017 (15:35 IST)
Money starts coming in slowly and steadily and hoarding it is not a good choice, splurge lavishly, and treat yourself to all you deserve, Invite abundance.  

Let not your limited visions about your work/business will prove to be a failing to your high-flying dreams.  If single, marriage proposals from family members come in and the wisest idea is to be open minded.  

Success is yours for the taking today. Whatever you touch turns to gold. A mind-body-soul connection at work will give you the kind of pleasure that you look for. Travel for some is hectic although lucrative. 


Misunderstandings with others are sometimes a way for you to work recurring issues out with them, be expressive and good innings follow A relative who may need financial aid knocks on your door this evening. 

Money owed to you comes in although in bits and spurts. In your personal life being less judgmental about people consciously or sub-consciously will become a clearing to do get what is best for you. 

Adjusting to a new environment has its own teething problems but all's well that ends well. Those in long distance relationships make a plan to catch up on romance planning a short holiday this evening. 

Libra : Discrepancies at work are no coincidences and you look closer and resolve them today. If married, in-law issues and misunderstandings are unnecessary. Start your year with goodwill and happiness. 

Scorpio : Trapped in the past and fears is your state of mind today. Seek the help you require. You won't be disappointed. Consolidating your position in your beloved’s heart is indicated. Enjoy love this evening. 

Issues with a parent grow and are present for you to resolve and learn from them. Move ahead. At work, projects on hand take off and may need more funds for competition. Give it your best. 

Capricorn : Health improves for most, but those suffering from stomach disorders need to go easy on their diet today. At work, you are calmer and in your state, you are able to manifest exactly what you desire. Enjoy yourself. 

Aquarius : Work wise, things get sorted slowly and steadily today. However certain challenges are inevitable. Be varying of strangers and follow your instinct. 

Pisces : Artistically inclined people travel for business interests. Finances may be low at this moment but it is a temporary phase, those going through a turbulent emotional patch seek professional advice.  
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