How is your day: 10th September

Last Updated: Monday, 10 September 2018 (14:54 IST)

A busy day as incomplete assignments, and pending paperwork keep you occupied, certain delays are inevitable. 

Health improves, if employed; an early start is indicated as sudden travel plans for business cum pleasure. Those in love have many a minor tiff with their mate. An early resolution is advisable.

Debts you may have to pay off should be considered a priority today. Delay on and about the same can cause awkwardness and block channels of further abundance. Be in sync and get it right.


Busy with domestic matters you may have to cancel prior made plans with associates. A temporary phase! Disappointments are plenty and yet you try to get it all going. Your sincerity calls for the best to happen. 

Work wise certain risks are necessary to take, conviction and blind leap of faith works well and you work wonders. 

This will be a relaxing day when you'll be spending quality time with your family. You'll also be fired up about a creative project or perhaps a new romantic interest.

Libra : Rigid and right in your views and ways comes naturally to you as you pride yourself in being naturally gifted. But do not underestimate others who may indulge in foul play and manipulations to beat you down.  

Scorpio : A wage hike makes you happy and yet you wish it you could be of more service at work, communicating your desires will prove a big step in the right direction.

:  Make it a rule to crosscheck your source of information and save yourself any embarrassment that may be caused. Poetry and literary gatherings hold your interest today. 

Capricorn :  Bureaucracy is becoming harder to deal with; exercise restraint and patience. Some unexpected help may be forthcoming from a mother-like figure. This is an appropriate time to buy a car or a vehicle of some sort. 

Aquarius :  Relying heavily on what others think or feel does not mean success, be yourself! and you will experience your strong points. 

Pisces : An old payment you had given up on materializes and you enjoy spending power today. A lack of  communication in your love life proves to be a stumbling block when it comes to progress in terms of future plans.

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