How is your day: 11th January

Last Modified Saturday, 11 January 2020 (11:19 IST)
It is advised to remain away from any altercation as you are gripped by disease and worries.  A profitable day if you hold your nerves.
Taurus:  Peace and profit comes to you on a day when you feel unwell. A meeting with an old friend sets your mood.
Gemini: You are haunted by an unknown fear and some worries.  The mother also not feels well. One should remain away from the bad company.

Cancer:  The monetary benefit brings a wide smile on your face.  Amid all worries you receive a good news.
Leo:  You may be trolled on social media today. An eye defect is set to trouble you.  Enemies will become powerful.
Virgo:  One may need to take loan due to soaring expenditure. You miss the opportunity to earn bucks.
Libra: Not a good day as all negative aspects are on rise viz, fear, worries, loss, physical injury.

Scorpio: Your strength hands a much deserved victory which benefits you in the long run.  One needs to be cautious against the jealous people.

Sagittarius:  Cupid hits the right chord today as your soul-mate is on his/her way.  You may have to face some minor troubles.
Capricorn:  A  lot of trouble  will be faced by you in the entire day including fear and worries. Some benefit will cheer you up.

Aquarius:  Despite a financial loss you are able to register the victory.  Bad company will land you in trouble, so be attentive.

Pisces:- The enemies may trouble you so caution is required. The worries rises as path of happiness gets blocked.
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