How is your day: 11th July

Last Modified Monday, 10 July 2017 (19:09 IST)
Your relationship with your father may be strained. If you live close to your mother, there is a chance of either of you moving away. Expenses shoot up, making you dip into your savings. 

Changes are plenty and inevitable today. Escaping them will prove a waste of time and energy. Face your deepest fears and great relief comes over.
There's nothing to stop you branching out in a new direction at work. Break that stagnant sense of boredom creeping in at work. Speak with your seniors who may help review your role. Get ready for change.

Others leave you, entirely dependent on your abilities. Be true to yourself and give your best today. Opportunities run out of momentum. Create your own dream goal; go after it with a passion. 

If employed, additional responsibilities are here to stay, take it as a platform to showcase your talents and be grateful for your lot.

Putting time and money into anything you don't believe in needs to be stopped immediately. Be yourself. Loads to gain. At home, a simple situation may get complicated if you neglect it today.

Libra : Reaching long-term goals require consistency. Discover it within yourself and allow it to grow! If you are not happy at work, take immediate action. Change it forever. Health is satisfactory. Love life is stagnant. 

Scorpio : Work pressures increase and you put in more effort, ask for more assistance and get organized. Finances are key, as you will invest more into a current project. Success is assured.

: A busy day as incomplete assignments, certain delays are inevitable. Building a good rapport with colleagues will make things easier and results will come in quicker with more efficiency.

Capricorn : Business partnerships do well today despite the many difference of opinion. Mediation by a third party may not be as helpful as perceived. Work towards communication and a common goal. 

Aquarius : Need to prep yourself for some hard work today? Get organized as loads will be expected of you. Irritation and short temper indicated. Be practical when it comes to dealing with people.

Pisces : Being unreasonable and jealous with your beloved, will keep you de-focused at work and criticism coming your way is not ruled out. Get your priorities right and do the needful.
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