How is your day: 11th May

Last Modified Friday, 11 May 2018 (10:20 IST)
Aries: Domestic life settles into routine after much sacrifice and compromise from all today and you celebrate a new sense of well being and happiness. Work runs smoothly. 

Taurus:  Business entrepreneurs seeking loans, licenses and certain government related approvals are final and can proceed ahead. Associates are helpful and work towards setting up a solid and firm infrastructure. 

Gemini:  For the single and waiting for love, luck is on your side as close pals introduce you to someone pleasant and eligible with a view to you finding happiness and companionship and hoping for the best. 

Cancer: Overseas travel for work/business is inevitable and you may have to deal with your unreasonable mate and his/her complaints as you break certain promises to do the needful today. 

Leo: Priorities could mean, cutting down on many old habits and ways of thinking, which come in the way of personal growth and performance at work. You are conscious and try even harder.

Virgo: If employed, you are now an essential part of your organization and in certain places indispensable. Make sure it does not all go into your head and remain humble and ready to learn more as always. 

Libra: Work involves travel today. You have more on your plate than you can handle on the personal front and would prefer to skip this, but you may not have much of a choice. 

Scorpio: Aggressive in your approach at work is sure to get you exactly what you desire in most areas of your life. Make sure it is not all work and no play, as a likely burn out is indicated. 

Sagittarius: Work improves and if that means taking a break from the routine and getting yourself involved in something new yet unfamiliar today, you take the chance.

Capricorn:  You are impatient, restless and on the edge as so much is happening around you at work today. It is tough to get a hold on things. Organization can have its flaws but you mange to prove your point and surprise many. 

Aquarius:  Life sorts itself out and you are finally managing to de-stress and feel in control. Taking on new work into a new field will bring in success. The evening is reserved for family and bonding. Enjoy.

Pices: Many projects and ventures seem to be on hold as you are entangled in a turbulent domestic life and its many nuances today. Take care of health. Postponing and canceling meetings will cause further chaos and damage.
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