How is your day: 11th November

Last Modified Friday, 10 November 2017 (12:39 IST)
Domestically, a more steady ground and you feel happy as loved ones do well and a sense of well being at home exists and reflects on your work/business that you have been avoiding since a bit.   

Love life and the lack of personal progress and satisfaction bothers you giving you an all time low today, difficult to focus at work, you may need to push yourself harder as deadlines and expectations are high. 

You are impatient as you are still waiting for important paperwork/loans to be sanctioned to be able to move on with bigger plans and dream goals in your chosen field, sudden travel is likely this evening. 


Deep into current projects that have upcoming deadlines is important and uppermost in your mind today, delays and obstacles can be expected, overtime and taking paperwork home this weekend is a surety. 

The married go through a stagnant phase and search for solace outside, trying out a new business idea with a close pal is a better choice than feeling low and indulging in situations you may regret later. 

Work you decide is something you need to look into as things have been a wee bit slow and its probably the right time to spruce it up since the market trends are good especially if dealing in trading of any sort. 

Libra : You are in a reflective mood yet again and make some positive changes within you and in your environment today, making sure you are discreet and benefit largely through your moves for yourself. 

Scorpio : Business not doing well and incurring financial losses is something that plays on your mind today, legalities/government related matters should be looked into immediately to avoid further trouble. 

Planning to switch jobs? Interviews will be successful although you may feel you could have done better, you do your best and now trust the process, things should work in your favor. 

Capricorn : Clarity comes like a bolt of lightning and provides you the inner confidence you lack. Love life is smooth but the feeling of insecurity exists. 

Aquarius : Saving is important for a rainy day and hopefully you are able to start some today. Money grows. Be positive. A new office space for some of you purchase gets in more business although is very time consuming. 

Pisces : A brilliant start to an extremely successful day ahead, making your mark, many valid points and getting the approvals you require are yours to take and expand upon.   
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