How is your day: 12th April

Last Modified Monday, 12 April 2021 (10:50 IST)
Aries: Romance is in the air. It is time to break the silence. Be careful not to hurt the feelings of
others. In a way you are about to change your destiny by accepting an offer.

Taurus: Use your ability to create a pleasant atmosphere in your home and to keep things light and casual. Learn from the experiences of others. Be prepared to let go of grudges and petty differences.

Gemini: Although you may be attracted to the prospect of making quick gains, you may end up feeling foolish. Listen to friends with regard and take necessary advise from them.

Cancer: The agenda you have been following will have to change. Do not try to plan ahead. Be ready to give a helping hand if you come across struggling to survive.

Leo: Long overdue paperwork is completed with surprising ease. You struggle to keep your temper in check today. You gain over your opponents despite mental and physical tensions.

Virgo: Today you should remember that you need not be extravagant, sometimes the best gifts are small and homemade. Do not upset your brother. He has always stood by you.

Libra: You need to change course if you feel you are in the wrong path. Do not let the changes annoy you. Every one make mistakes and get consolation from the fact that you have corrected yourself.

Scorpio: This is a good day to count your blessings and take pleasure in being with those who love you. Accept things as they are and remove emotional road blocks. 

Sagittarius: You will find it difficult to concentrate on a particular thing, your mind keeps on wandering. If you are going on a job interview, be confident enough, don't attempt to buff your way.

Capricorn: Favorable day for signing partnership deeds. Someone will try to make you feel bad about your way of doing things. Take a deep breath and calm down in order to avoid doing something rash.

Aquarius:  Good day to host a dinner party or a less formal gathering. Keep out your far-out opinions to yourself, or at least water them down if it is obvious they are likely to cause offense.

Pices: The early part of the day may find you feeling discontented with your existence and dreaming of a life of luxury. Local business can be a good place to start looking for a new job.
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