How is your day: 12th December

Last Modified Friday, 13 December 2019 (11:02 IST)
Aries: Work-wise, things pick up slightly and you seem to be in a great hurry as insecurity and a sense of competition steps in. Avoid negative thoughts and actions and things will fall into place on their own.

Taurus: Domestic harmony creeps in after much concerted efforts on your part and the co-operation of siblings today. You now feel good enough and strong to focus on business that has been going slow for a while.
Gemini:  Routine work and deadlines are your forte and your focus today as you neglect your personal life and try not to think too much of someone you may be missing.

Cancer:  If creatively inclined, you make the most of a platform given to you, showcasing what you have to offer. In turn getting other work signing lucrative contracts travel could be part of your agenda and you welcome it.
Leo:  The employed are busier than ever with little or no choice when it comes to assignments over assignments today. Team effort and compatibility with colleagues will make things easier even if there is criticism.
Virgo: The married go through a stagnant phase and search for solace outside. Trying out a new business idea with a close pal is a better choice than feeling low and indulging in situations you may regret later.
Libra: Irritated and agitated by others around you, you blow hot and cold today, lashing out feeling sometimes misunderstood. Make sure you don’t severe ties with those that matter.
Scorpio: You operate from higher intelligence when it comes to tricky situations and people today and manage to get out clean. You may decide you don’t have to continue anything that does not appeal to you both at work.
Sagittarius: Business people may need urgent funds and look for different avenues to satisfy their needs and reinvest in what they know will prove to be big and successful. Those involved in the garment field may make money.
Capricorn: What you imagine may just happen. Keeping yourself focused and with thoughts and intentions towards others clean may resolve many uncompromising situations. Focus on other things that need to be taken care of.
Aquarius: You feel more in control with and about yourself and it reflects at work and in all round personal relationships with many. Maybe its time you ignore and watch your own progress carefully and enjoy every moment of it.
Pisces:- You are not happy with the status quo at work today and feel stifled and trampled upon by others and existing politics at work.
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