How is your day: 12th March

Last Modified Tuesday, 12 March 2019 (10:50 IST)
Aries: Your life/ world is your perception, and may be far from the truth, although you may take time to realize what’s the lesson in all this for you, hang in there.

Taurus: A wage hike is more than enough to inspire you to put in that extra effort and give your best at work today, as you manage even to inspire others. Spend the evening with friends.

Gemini:  Work is worship today, and you in the mood to be innovative and adventurous with new ideas brimming in your head. Calculated risks work wonders, the universe backs up genuine effort.

Cancer: Personal life is peaceful today after resolving many a domestic strife, keep the faith and things will remain good, money owed to you returns and a shopping spree this evening is enjoyable and rejuvenates your spirit.

Leo: Walk outs are you, and today you create another storm at work, making sure to make your point. Expenses are high and planning a wise budget is recommended.

Virgo: Work wise you are on top of the world, as you manage to get the impossible done at work/business. Travel brings in mixed results, and you may get impatient, however you need to reassure yourself.

Libra: Independent business folk spend the entire day in negotiations and meetings. Your ideas are approved and action oriented plans take off. If married domestic life is peaceful.

Scorpio: Work wise a very hectic time and you will need to organize your time more prudently to make the most of it all. A current love affair turns happier and you plan a special treat for him/her. Enjoy.

Sagittarius: New beginnings are plenty and you a wee bit unnerved, as you have no idea where to start. Be calm and things will fall into place a home away from home likely and very positive. Love life is uncertain, enjoy the peace.

Capricorn: If in love, marriage is not yet on the cards and forcing it from your mate who needs more time and space calls for a minor tiffs this evening, make healthy choices.

Aquarius: Getting influenced by others to a certain degree is being open minded? But allow your strong head over your strong shoulders to make certain financial decisions today.

Pices: Your point is well taken today. In your personal life, try working at sensitive issues with your unreasonable mate this evening and get cracking at making amends and enjoying togetherness! Health improves for most.
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