How is your day: 12th May

Last Modified Saturday, 12 May 2018 (10:19 IST)
Aries: Slow and easy is your desired pace as you focus on quality rather than quantity at work/business today. Health improves for most. Take it easy. Enjoy with loved ones.

Taurus:  Business partnerships recently formed do well but there could be a difference of opinion in many areas. If single the likelihood of meeting someone interesting through friends is plenty. Enjoy the evening.

Gemini:  All you need to be told is that you are doing fine and your decisions are brilliant. Feel your personal power by being more reassured. Love life is a handful and more this evening.

Cancer: Thoughtful and precise you try to be your best at work. Upcoming deadlines and meetings keep you occupied and there could be times your mind wanders. Single your current date can be boring. Time for a change?

Leo: The day is full with meeting important people/entertaining clients and reaching targets especially for those in sales and marketing today. Mixed results could disappoint you. Be more open to competition. 

Virgo: You are worried and concerned for a loved one. Make sure you complete your work in the process, as criticism is likely to come your way from seniors. Some of you are ready to take a risk at work.

Libra: Love life is perfect in your mind. Make sure it is in reality to. All the best.

Scorpio: Funds are required to complete a big and prestigious project underway as you cross your budget and need instant aid. Success is yours. If employed you look for a change within the organization. 

Sagittarius: Work takes a back seat as health issues crop up and you make a choice to do what it takes. Nurture and pamper yourself before you commit to work/business that seems to have piled up. 

Capricorn:  Business improves and people you deal with like you. A happy chain of events follows, going in your favor. Travel is pleasurable. Dinner plans with a close pal make a great evening.

Aquarius: Wrong moves come from being impulsive and brash; your speech should be curbed. Get your facts before you jump to any conclusion. Those in long-term relationships plan an engagement. 

Pices: Family bliss and togetherness mean the world to you and today you divide your time equally doing justice to all. Property matters/litigations settle in your favor. 
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